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  1. We need more people! Specially DB developers and Supporters If you wanna join us use this form for introduce yourself: - What do you want to do in JadeCore Team ? - Why do you want to join us ? - your github Name We can add you official Coder status after you made several commits on github ( writer status ) or Pull Request. Please don't waste our time if you don't wanna help.
  2. Ok, we have our most playeble WotLK 3.3.5 Source here: Test and make fixes if you want.
  3. We can discuss here our work, desitions, plans and other.
  4. Ok, we have our most playeble Cataclysm 4.3.4 Source here: It's stable and scripted Core. Have Fully "patch" SmartAI Lab 434.12 "Deathwing Madness" Scripts and much more things. Test and make fixes if you want.
  5. We have a BIG Team : cybrann, Mysterium, cooler-SAI, Joslyn-Maddie, alexkulya, Bodeguero, Keital, Tithand, wowharley, phulo, SkyFire and we are Always recruiting